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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

MA Technical Communication

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The graduate program in technical communication prepares students to be professional information developers, technical or professional writers, and editors who are skilled at using the written and spoken word, along with visuals, to effectively inform and instruct a wide range of audiences. Graduates typically pursue work in industry, teaching opportunities, or doctoral studies. All coursework for the Master of Arts in English: Technical Communication Option may be completed in residence or online. Students who are 100% online learners pay resident (in-state) online tuition.

The core curriculum includes a combination of practical, skills-oriented coursework (such as manuals writing, web design, and technical editing) and theory-based coursework (such as technical and scientific literature and rhetorical theory courses, including visual rhetoric). All courses must be in the English Department with the exception of courses approved by the technical communication faculty.

Students who are graduate or teaching assistants or who work full time typically complete the degree in two years.

Computer Facilities

In addition to providing computer classrooms and workstations for individual use, the Academic Computer Center (ACC) provides specialized software (through MavAPPs) for 100% online learners. Furthermore, Minnesota State Mankato students receive free access to software tutorials through

All students receive email accounts and server space (MavDisk) as well as access to the campus learning management system (D2L). The entire campus is served by MavNet, a wireless network. Students who are 100% online learners should review the University's Online Student Requirements, specifically the skills and technical requirements