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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Advising & Graduation

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Your advisor is available to meet with you at the onset to plan your program, throughout to determine suitable courses, and at the conclusion to discuss career options.


  • I have declared an English Major, but I don't know who my advisor is.
    When you declared your major, you were assigned an advisor. Your advisor’s name is listed on your degree audit, or you can contact the English Department’s Administrative Assistant, Elizabeth Olmanson, to find out who your advisor is.
  • What is the difference between BA Literature and BA English Studies?
    The BA Literature degree equips students with a well-rounded background in English, American, and world literatures, as well as an introduction to critical theory. Literature forms the core of the BA English Studies, but this program also allows students to draw from existing coursework in other English programs such as Creative Writing, Technical Communication, and Teaching English as a Second Language.
  • Is ENG 275, Introduction to Literary Studies required before I begin my survey classes?
    This course prepares you for your 300- and 400-level courses and must be taken prior to your surveys.
  • Can I major in Literature or English Studies and minor in another program in the English Department?
    Students majoring in Literature or English Studies may also elect one of the following minors within the Department: Film Studies, Linguistics, and Technical Communication. However, a course used to meet the requirements of an English major, minor, or certificate cannot also be used to meet the requirements of another English major, minor, or certificate.
  • How do I access my MSU, Mankato transcripts?
    You can get an unofficial copy of your DARS report by logging into student e-services on the registration page.
  • I am a transfer student and started my major/minor at a different school. Would I be able to transfer any of these credits?
    To discuss the transfer of any course from another institution into your major or minor at MSU, contact Professor Matthew Sewell, department chair.
  • Can I be waitlisted for a course that is full?
    Contact the course's professor for more information.
  • The class I want to take has a prerequisite I have not taken, but I think I would be able to handle it. Can I still take this course?
    A prerequisite is designed to help you get the most out of the class that requires prior coursework. Consult the course professor with your request.
  • What is an independent study and how do I apply for it?
    An independent study is a course that is designed by the student to investigate an area or field of specialization not normally covered in his or her program’s regularly scheduled course offerings. Students typically take an independent study after some introduction to the material in a standard course. Consult your advisor for further information.
  • What is the difference between independent study, independent writing and independent reading?
    While independent writing and independent reading focus on writing and reading assignments respectively, an independent study is a project that can involve a number of different assignments.
  • I would like an internship. Who do I contact for more information about what is available.
    Consult your advisor and visit: Internships.
  • Do my language credits count in the overall credits required for my major?
    The eight required language credits are not part of the 40 credits required for your major.
  • When should I start applying to graduate school?
    Schools typically have deadlines between December and April for admission the following fall. You should begin gathering materials at least one semester before these due dates. For more information, visit The English Department – Career Development. The department also offers a workshop each year on applying to graduate school. Watch for announcements in the department News and Events.


The university recommends that you apply for graduation a year in advance (in other words, once you reach 90 credits). At that point you should run a degree audit and see your advisor to assure timely completion of your major.

For further details on graduation, consult Undergraduate Graduation.

For more information, contact:
Elizabeth Williamsen
Literature and English Studies Program Director
AH 201B
507 389-1273