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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Film Studies Minor

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The Film Studies Minor is an undergraduate liberal arts program that teaches students to look at films from creative, aesthetic, historical and cultural perspectives. The practice of film production and critical viewing and analysis can be applied in a wide variety of occupations. Career opportunities for graduates with a film studies minor include jobs with film companies, film archives and festivals. The minor also prepares students for graduate work in film studies.

Please Note:All film courses in the English department now have their own FILM designator. This does not change general education competencies or Film Studies Minor requirements.

Current and Upcoming Courses

Degree Requirements

If you have entered this program in a prior academic year, consult the Undergraduate Bulletin for your year of entry.

20 Credits

Required for Minor (Core, 12 credits)

Course # Course Title Credits
FILM 114 Introduction to Film
FILM 329 Film History
FILM 416 Film Theory and Criticism (prereq FILM 329)

Required Electives (8 credits)

In consultation with an advisor, students will select 8 elective credits: 4 credits must be in 300 or 400-level film courses and 4 credits must be in courses (200, 300 or 400-level) exploring international film. FILM 334W, International Cinemas, fulfills both the upper-division and international requirement. Students may fulfill both the upper-division and international elective requirement with the same course.

Choose from the following English courses:

Course # Course Title Credits
FILM 210W Film Genres
FILM 214 Topics in Film
FILM 216W Writing about Film
FILM 217 Introduction to Film Production
FILM 317 Advanced Film Production (prereq 217)
(may be repeated)
FILM 334W International Cinemas
FILM 493 Topics in Film Studies

Students may also choose electives from the following courses outside of English:

Course # Course Title Credits
GER 460 Topics in German Cinema
PHL 465 Philosophy of Film*

** Students taking PHL 465 should be aware that this is only 3 credits. Students taking this class will need an additional film credit to complete their program.

Choose from other departments offering film-based topic courses:
Students wishing to count a film course in other departments must petition the Film and Media Studies Co-Director (Film)

Students who have taken the film production courses are encouraged to sign up for an Internship (FILM 498). For more information Prof. Steve Rybin.

For more information on the Film Studies Minor and Film and Media Studies Major contact , Prof. Steve Rybin, Film and Media Studies Co-Director (Film).