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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Film and Media Studies BA

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Program Directors and Advisors

Prof. Steve Rybin (Film Studies)

Prof. Rachael Hanel (Media Studies)

Required General Education

These credits do not count toward the 50 credits of major coursework
Course # Course Name Credits
FILM 114 Introduction to Film 4
MASS 110 Introduction to Mass Media 4

ENG 101 (Composition) is a pre-requisite for many courses and should be taken as soon as possible in your program. The course is offered both semesters.

Summary of Degree Requirements

Major Coursework: 50 Credits

Required Language: 8 Credits

There is no minor required for this program

Major Common Core: 26 Credits

Course # Course Name Credits
FILM 210W Film Genres 4
FILM 329 Film History 4
FILM 416 Film Theory and Criticism 4
MASS 221W Writing for Mass Media 4
MASS 411 Mass Media Ethics and Criticism 4
MASS 412 Mass Media History 4
Capstone: Choose 2 Credit(s)
The 2-credit Capstone Project may be an internship either in film production or a mass media field, or an individual study involving a creative portfolio (for example: short film, screenplay, multimedia web design) or a written critical paper of no less than 10 pages using the type of research and critical thinking expected in the student's upper division major classes. Students must consult one of the program directors about the design of their chosen project, which typically is completed in their junior or senior year. Choose 2 credits of one of the following:
FILM 498 Internship 1-6
FILM 499 Individual Study 1-4
MASS 498 Mass Media Internship 4
MASS 499 Individual Study in Mass Media 1-2

Group A: Choose 8 Credits

Course # Course Name Credits
MASS 312 Mass Media Law 4
MASS 325W Media Reporting and Editing 4
MASS 330W Writing for Digital Multimedia 4
MASS 334 Writing and Speaking for Broadcast 4
MASS 436W Specialized Writing 4

Group B: Choose 8 Credits

Course # Course Name Credits
ENG 446 Screenwriting Workshop 4
FILM 216W Writing About Film 4
FILM 217 Introduction to Film Production 4
FILM 317 Advanced Film Production 4

Group C: Choose 4 Credits

Course # Course Name Credits
MASS 233 Public Relations Principles 4
MASS 260 Principles of Visual Mass Media 4
MASS 351 Digital Imaging for Mass Media 4
MASS 360 Digital Design for Mass Media 4
MASS 434W Public Relations Writing 4

Group D: Choose 4 Credits

Students Taking PHIL 465 must add 1 credit of PHIL 499 (Individual Study) at the time they take this course in order to meet the 4 credit requirement for Group 3
Course # Course Name Credits
FILM 214 Topics in Film 1-4
FILM 334W International Cinema 4
FILM 493 Topics in Film Studies 1-4
GER 460 Topics in German Cinema 4
PHIL 465 Philosophy of Film 4