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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Program Overview

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Undergraduate Study

The Film and Media Studies Major officially launched Fall 2015 and graduated its first class in Spring 2016. This is an undergraduate liberal arts program in the College of Arts and Humanities that teaches students to look at all aspects of media including: technical, creative, aesthetic, historical, theoretical and cultural perspectives. The program prepares students for careers as communicators, innovative creators of film and other media texts, and competent professionals in such fields as news, public relations, film production and other-media related fields. The degree also prepares students for graduate work in film and media studies.
Prospective students should contact the Program Directors: Prof. Steve Rybin (Film) or Prof. Rachael Hanel (Mass Media) for more information. For details on the new major, click here.

We also offer a Film Studies Minor. Following an introductory class, students complete a core that includes film history, film theory and criticism, and national cinemas. They can choose from a variety of electives to complete their program. We offer courses in production, film genres, and writing about film. An upper-division topics course gives students the opportunity to explore a wide-range of film subjects such as American Directors, Irish Cinema and Women Filmmakers. Though we do not offer a major at this time, we do have a wide-range of courses that could easily be packaged into the equivalent for those students interested in pursuing graduate studies in film. Undergraduate students interested in a Film Studies Minor should consult the Film Studies Minor.

Graduate Study

Graduate students interested in studying film can do so as part of a general MA Literature and English Studies degree. This degree allows students to design their program around their interests. Typically, film students will study film theory in their core, take their electives in film and complete a film capstone. In addition to graduate film courses in the Department of English, students can take graduate film courses in the Philosophy Department and the German Program.