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Declaring a Major or Minor

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If you are interested in the Film and Media Studies Major, you should contact one of the Co-Directors (Prof. Donna R. Casella [film] or Prof. Rachael Hanel [media studies]). Though housed in the English Department, this degree combines film courses from the English department and media studies courses from the Mass Media department.

Once you have reviewed the degree and decided to declare your major, either Prof. Casella or Prof. Hanel can officially register you and assign you an advisor. Usually, those with an interest in a film career or post-graduate study in film are assigned to a film faculty advisor; those interested in a career or post-graduate study in other media areas are assigned to a media studies faculty.

Make frequent appointments with your advisor especially before registering and before job or graduate school hunting.

If you plan to go into your field immediately after graduation, you should start talking to your advisor in your junior year about your capstone internship or project. In addition to your capstone internship or project, we recommend an additional internship. For example, film students should be prepared both in live and in production; two different internships (one your capstone) will give you that preparation.

The Film Studies Minor is a popular degree paired with a variety of majors including Creative Writing, Literature, English Studies, Mass Media, Art, Theatre, Marketing, and Business.

If you are not sure whether the Film Studies Minor is suitable for your major, talk to your major advisor or Professor Donna R. Casella, Film Studies Director.

When you are ready to declare a minor, contact the Administrative Assistant either in your major department or in the English Department (Armstrong Hall 230). These individuals can register you for the minor. In addition, send an e-mail to Prof. Steven Rybin and he will add you to the advising list. You will receive advising e-mails before registration opens. you can also make an appointment to see Prof. Casella to further discuss your minor.



Both the Film and Media Studies Major and the Film Studies Minor are listed separately in the Academic Bulletin under "[PDF] Film Studies (138 KiB)."

For more Advising information, see Advising and Graduation.