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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Advising & Graduation

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Please consult your major or minor advisor before registering for classes.

Throughout your program, you will be receiving e-mails from the director (Prof. Steve Rybin) informing you of upcoming courses, program events, and festivals and screenings in Minnesota. Should you have any questions on these matters, contact your advisor.


  1. What courses are open to me beyond FILM 317 for the study of production?
    FILM 317 is a studio course and can be taken more than once. Other opportunities for further study in film production include FILM 498 (Internship) and FILM 499 (Independent Study).
  2. Can I count a film course outside of the courses listed in the Film Studies Minor?
    If you wish to take a film course not listed in the minor program, please petition the Film and Media Studies Co-Director (Film). GER 460: German Cinema and PHIL 465: Philosophy of Film do not need permission as they are already in the program.
  3. What courses can I take to fulfill my international film requirement?
    You can take FILM 334W: International Cinema or GER 460: German Cinema. Should any other options become available, for example, FILM 493: Topics in Film Studies, you will be notified.
  4. I plan to graduate in the fall semester. Is there anything I need to know about courses offered only in the spring?
    FILM 416: Film Theory, required for your minor, is only offered int he spring semester. Make sure you take this course no later than the spring prior to graduation.
  5. Does FILM 110: Film Appreciation count in the Film Studies Minor?
    FILM 110 counts in GE Category 6, but not in the Film Studies Minor. The requried course for the minor is FILM 114: Introduction to Film. FILM 110 is a good course to take to determine if this field interests you.
  6. I entered the Film Studies Minor with an earlier Undergraduate Bulletin and have taken a course not listed in that bulletin. Can I still count that course?
    You should be able to use a course from a later bulletin if it fits into your core and/or electives. Please see your Film and Media Studies Co-Director (Film) for the substitution procedures.


The university recommends that you apply for graduation a year in advance (i.e., once you reach 90 credits). At that point, you should run a degree audit and see your major advisor to assure a timely completion of your major. At that time, you should also consult your Film and Media Studies Co-Director (Film) to review your completed and planned coursework for the Film Studies Minor.

For further details on graduation, consult Undergraduate Graduation.

For any other questions or concerns, contact Prof. Steve Rybin, Film and Media Studies Co-Director (Film).