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Included below are documents you may want to refer to or need to complete during your program. Many will have been discussed in English 672, Research and Publication in Creative Writing, during your first spring in residence. Copies can be printed from this site or gotten from the department secretary, Department Graduate Director, or College of Graduate Studies.

Checklist of Required Courses for MFA

Creative Writing Schedule, current or upcoming (proposed)

Creative Writing Course Descriptions, current

Other course schedules and descriptions, by track

Sample Long-term Calendars: 2-year, 3-year, 6-year

Pursuing a certificate or MA degree while pursuing an MFA? Read this.

English Department Forms:

Plan of Study Form
Plan of Study Transfer Form
Graduate Assistantship Application
Graduate Student Conference /
Supplemental Professional
Development Funds Application

Sample Thesis Proposal and format

Thesis Comittee Request Form and Change of Advisor Form

Thesis Format and Style Guidelines

Format of thesis Title Page
Format of Endorsements/Signature page

Thesis and Thesis Readings Instructions

Scheduled readings for Fall/Spring 2018-19

Thesis Crunch-Time tips

College of Graduate Studies Graduation Deadlines

College of Graduate Studies Forms


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