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Jessia Guess

Jessica Guess studies fiction at Minnesota State University, Mankato where she also teaches English Composition. A South Florida native, she spends her free time musing and cursing this interesting yet annoying substance called snow and reading fiction about stranger (and warmer) places. She also enjoys writing stories about the kind of women you would see featured on an episode of Snapped. Her work has been featured in Luna Station Quarterly and Mused BellaOnline Literary Review


Deese, Isadora, Right of Capture


Michelle Zamanian

Michelle Zamanian is an MFA candidate from Southwest Missouri. She specializes in fiction and screenwriting. She believes in bad movies, obscure comedies and adorable cats.


Appel, Jacob M., Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana
Broderick, Richard, Jesus of Walmart
Babine, Karen, Water and What We Know: Following the Roots of a Northern Life
Colen, Elizabeth, What Weaponry
Nagamatsu, Sequoia, Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone
Nao, Vi Khi, Fish in Exile
Wolpé, Sholeh, The Conference of the Birds


Alexis Klemetson

Alexis Klemetson studies poetry at Minnesota State University, Mankato where she also serves as a reader for the Blue Earth Review. She is Minnesotan through and through, which means her home town of Thief River Falls is actually the most Minnesotan town, unless you disagree. She enjoys reading and thinking about literature, hiking with her four-legged fur-child, and spending time with the guy she met at the hockey supply store. 


Fanelli, Brian, Waiting for the Dead to Speak
Schirmann, Kelly, Popular Music
Stone, Alison
, Ordinary Magic


Tyler Barton

Tyler Barton studies fiction writing at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he serves as a fiction editor for Blue Earth Review. His work has been published in NANO Fiction, Smokelong Quarterly, Hypertext Magazine, and elsewhere. Find his stories at TSBarton.com. Find his jokes at @goftyler.


Akbar, Kaveh, Portrait of the Alcoholic
Bachelder, Chris, The Throwback Special
Gonzalez, Elizabeth, The Universal Physics of Escape
Gray, Amelia, Gutshot
Green, Sarah, Earth Science
Hilliard, Kamden, Perceived Distance from Impact
Hyde, Allegra, Of This New World
McClanahan, Scott, The Incantations of Daniel Johnston
Montes, Lara Mimosa, Somnambulist
Moshfegh, Ottessa, Homesick for Another World
Okehi, Uzodinma, Over for Rockwell
Scott, Rion Amilcar, Insurrections
Vargas, Cyn, On the Way
Willoughby, Jennifer, Beautiful Zero


Claire Moran

Claire Moran is an MFA candidate in the Creative Writing program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she writes creative non-fiction and poetry. She is from Boston, Massachusetts, has previously lived in Montreal and evidently prefers to live in places that start with M. Her interests include hanging out with the dog at the party and wandering around hospitals. (She knows this is weird.) She wishes Minnesota would get an ocean.


Bickmore, Lisa, flicker
Callaci, Allen, Heart Like a Starfish
Kirk, Tim, Burnt
Moore, Andrew, Pawpaw: In Search of America's Forgotten Fruit
Renstrom, Joelle, Closing the Book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature
Victorine, Jacob, Flammable Matter


Christopher David Hopkins

Christopher David Hopkins is a poet from North Carolina who currently studies in Minnesota State Mankato's MFA program.

Black, Candace, Whereabouts
Brewer, Peter,
Strange Monsters [with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam]
Chen, Feng Sun
, The 8th House
Davis, Nicelle, In the Circus of You
Davis, Nicelle, The Walled Wife
Ervick, Kelcey Parker, The Bitter Life of Božena Němcová
Forrest, Rosie, Ghost Box Revoluiton in Cadillac, Michigan
Frankenberg, Kelly, Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride
Herbach, Geoff, Anything You Want
Kilpatrick, Sean, Sucker June
Laidlaw, Brian, The Stuntman
Little, Jacob, Profane
Manning, Katie, Tasty Other
Manuel, Douglas, Testify
Martin, Chris, The Falling Down Dance
Mathys, Ted, Null Set
Meyer, Richard, Orbital Paths
Robbins, Richard, Body Turn to Rain: New and Selected Poems
Shin, Sun Yung, Unbearable Splendor
Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo, Strange Monsters [with Peter Brewer]
Whitaker, Jennifer, The Blue Hour
Williford, Lex, Superman on the Roof
Wiseman, Laura Madeline, An Apparently Impossible Adventure
Wiseman, Laura Madeline, Some Fatal Effects
Young, Andy, All Night It is Morning
Zegans, Marc, The Underwater Typewriter


Selina Scheumann

Selina Scheumann is an MFA candidate in fiction at MNSU, Mankato and
hails from a city in Indiana that, for some reason, she can’t use adjectives
to describe. She is a bad blusher and laughs at the weird jokes she makes up
in her head but never says out loud. Her interests include things like
dreaming about Iceland, reading poetry, rewatching Little Miss Sunshine,
and having adventures.

Blakeslee, Vanessa, Juventud
Ciccarello, Lisa
, At Night
Henry, Brian, Static & Snow
Lock, Norman, American Meteor
Lopez, Robert, Good People
Martinez, Marisol Limon, Via Dissimulata
McIntosh, Sandy, A Hole in the Ocean: A Hamptons' Apprencticeship
Michel, Lincoln, Upright Beasts
Pritchard, Melisssa, A Solemn Pleasure: To Imagine, Witness, and Write
Reidy, Dave, The Voiceover Artist
Stone, Bianca, Someone Else's Wedding Vows
Welch, Tana Jean, Latest Volcano
Wensink, Patrick, Fake Fruit Factory


Kate MacLam

Kate MacLam in an MFA graduate student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She writes fiction and creative nonfiction. She is an eighth-generation Vermonter but will settle in any town with a railroad. Her interests include but are not limited to pottery, Montreal, knitting, food, hiking, beer, minicomics, and arm-wrestling.

Adcox, James Tadd, Does Not Love
Berkowitz, Amy, Tender Points
Ceilán, Cynthia, Myths of a Merciful God
Crabtree, Jamison, Rel[am]ent
Deming, Alison Hawthorne, Zoologies: On Animals and the Human Spirit
DeNiro, Alan, Tyrannia and Other Renditions
Dominguez, Angel, Black Lavender Milk
Ducornet, Rikki, The Deep Zoo
Edgar, Gordon, Cheddar: A Journey to the Heart of America's Most Iconic Cheese
Elliott, Okla, The Cartographer's Ink
Gautier, Amina, The Loss of All Lost Things
Gerard, Sarah, Binary Star
Gluth, Mark, No Other
Hicks, Dylan, Amateurs
Hoffert, Melanie, Prairie Silence
Jakiela, Lori, Belief is its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe
Lanier, Sooze, The Game We Play
Limón, Ada, Bright Dead Things
Nahm, David Connerley, Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky
Rombes, Nicholas, The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing
Shavin, Dana Lise, The Body Tourist
Vatomsky, Sonya, Salt is for Curing


Previous Hosts

Teagan Knoblich

Teagan Knoblich is a recent MFA graduate student of Minnesota State Mankato. She writes genre YA fiction and likes to dabble with shorter flash pieces. She was born and raised in Minnesota​ with a healthy amount of fishing, winter jackets, and Swedish relatives. Her interests include fencing, crafting, painting, video games, dressing up as a pirate, and discussing fantastical things.

Dylan Loring

Dylan Loring is a poet from Des Moines, Iowa who currently studies at Minnesota State's MFA program and best associates with the Jamie's Basement School. When he is not writing, he is listening to punk rock music, engaging in conversations about the quotidian, and watching crappy comedy movies.

Michael Dusek

Michael Dusek is an MA student and a Graduate Instructor at Minnesota State University. He hails from the sprawling countryside of Western Wisconsin. His interest in literature stems from the complexity of human interaction and coexistence. He enjoys travel, music, art, and being outdoors.

Lissa Horneber

Lissa Horneber is an MFA student who usually writes nonfiction. Her primary goals currently include (in no particular order): writing, teaching, traveling, talking to people, learning Chinese, climbing Kilimanjaro, understanding cars, mastering economics, discovering the Meaning of Life, investing in a bookshelf, among others. ​

Jake Little

Jacob Little is a second year MFA student and Graduate Instructor at Minnesota State University. He came of age on the hard, suburban streets of Fenton, Missouri, and enjoys writing poetry, television, and complete nonsense. He was awoken to a love of poetry upon hearing David Clewell read Richard Hugo's "Death of the Kapowsin Tavern." He specializes in teaching his students the art of semicolons. His work has been featured in Ampersand and Green Fuse, and he has won a Robert C. Wright Award as well as recognition in the St. Louis Poetry in Motion contest.

Kyle Jaeger

Kyle is a graduate student in the MFA program in Creative Writing at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He tutors Somali students, works as a graduate assistant, and will be teaching creative writing over the summer at the Loft Literacy Center in Minneapolis. Though he is presently working on a book of poems, he hopes to work in various genres and also across multiple mediums, including audio/radio.

Alec Cicak

Alec is a writer from Indianapolis. He is responsible for writing and directing two of the worst feature-length motion pictures ever produced. He has lived in many places and visited even more. He prefers those places that have a wide variety of restaurants that are open at three in the morning. His lowly genre fiction has appeared in numerous publications. A few respectable (read: literary) journals have published his more socially acceptable work as well. He is the founding editor of the online crime fiction blog All Due Respect and is the founder and current editor of the print journal, Pulp Modern.

Beth Mouw

Beth is a graduate student at Minnesota State University in Mankato. She is currently a tutor and substitute teacher for the Education Department. She loves writing fiction and non-fiction, but there are things she loves even more—people, people-watching, eating food (with people or alone), looking for cool rocks, looking at eye colors, and storms, to name a few. Beth has written a YA novel and is moderately hard at work brainstorming another.

Benjamin Allocco

Benjamin received his MFA from MSU Mankato in 2013 and hosted the Weekly Reader from 2011-2013.

Amy Fladeboe

Amy received her MFA from MSU Mankato in 2013 and hosted the Weekly Reader from 2011-2013.





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