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English Writing Projects

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English Writing Projects

Have you thought about enrolling in a writing-intensive course offered by the English Department? If you haven't, you probably will soon. English offers the greatest concentration of "1C" courses of any MSU department, and the greatest number of options.

Chances are that, if you take one of English's courses, you'll be reading as much as you're writing. Reading texts, and a student's ability to understand, interpret, analyze, and apply the texts she's read, are important skills.

Writing-intensive courses in English will provide practice in thinking, reading, and writing about those texts. And that's what critical thinking is all about.

Common Writing Assignments In English "W" Courses

If you've already taken the plunge and are looking for advice, click on the type of writing assignment you have been assigned (above) and you will find:

  • Expectations of the writing assignment
  • Types of Evidence used in these assignments
  • Methods of citing evidence and sources
  • What's valued and not valued in these assignments
  • Sample assignments
  • Sample student papers


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Links to Online Resources

Literary Analysis

  • Here's a good site (DOC) to use if you need ideas of where to start for a paper on a short story or other work of fiction.
  • Here's a good "nuts and bolts" site on writing literary analysis; it has separate sections on content, organization, style, and mechanics. It gives examples, explanations, and suggestions. The author—one Seamus Cooney—is very opinionated and interesting.

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