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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Sample Student Papers

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Writing for Philosophy "W" Courses

Lots of interesting possibilities exist for assignment in Philosophy "W" courses. To provide you with a "reality check" of some of those possibilities, we have included a number of topic suggestions as well as actual student papers keyed to some of those topics from the "Introduction to Philosophy" and "Medical Ethics" courses taught by Sun Kyeong Yu.

You will find 4 student papers represented here. The first 2 focus on Buddhism and are responding to question #5 on the "Buddhism" topics list. Paper #3 responds to question #2 from her Phil 222 "Medical Ethics" topics list. Paper #4 is about question #5 from her Phil 222 "Medical Ethics" topics list.

Please note as well the "peer review" form that Professor Yu constructed to alert her students to the criteria to be met in these papers and that her students are required to check before submitting their papers to her.

Good luck.


The Papers

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