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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Sample Student Papers

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Sample English Papers

Understanding the Assignment:

Obviously, my students and I are working off a number of shared assumptions about what the paper will entail:

  • Thesis: They'll need a directive thesis—a position statement on one or more of the questions related to one of the topics I've distributed to them.
  • In-class information: I will already have shared some crucial and focused research in class on some of the history, religion, myth, geography and topography, and Amerindian aspects of the culture. This information should prove useful for thinking about their papers, their ideas, and their further research.
  • Research: We'll need to apply research to these topics, and in support of the arguments that we'll be developing in response to those topics. At least three sources, including the novel that has accompanied our discussions.
  • Personal Experience: The use of their own experience is permitted here—even highly encouraged in certain cases, especially when that experience can be drawn into comparison with the culture in question—El Salvador.
  • Length: Three to five pages.