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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

VWP Workshop, 2010

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The Valley Writing Project is an annual workshop that supports the professional writing of faculty and the teaching of writing-intensive courses. Each year the VWP workshop helps faculty find new ways to bring writing to the center of what we do.

This year’s workshop theme is Integration.

Teaching and research are integral parts of our jobs. Faculty feel an ever-increasing pressure to write—creative works, books, articles, conference presentations, you name it—but heavy teaching loads, especially in writing intensive courses, present significant obstacles to getting anything done. The VWP’s 2010 workshop proposes to help faculty reconcile those pressures through integration.

  • Integrating writing into our routines.
  • Integrating writing into our courses.
  • Integrating faculty research and writing into our classes.
  • Integrating class work into our research and writing.
  • Integrating technology into both to make us more productive.

This fall’s Valley Writing Workshop will consist of two parts:

1. Fall 2010: The Workshop (December 14, 15, and 16)
Three days of discussion, brainstorming, and planning with colleagues.

  • Day 1: Faculty Writing. What is good writing? How do we find time for it? How do we do it? Once we’ve done it, what are some best practices for preparing the document for publication or presentation?
  • Day 2: Student Writing. Why do students need to write? What do students need to write? How can we help them write better (without driving ourselves crazy)?
  • Day 3: 1+2=Much more than 3. How can we bring our research and writing into the classroom? How can we use our classrooms as inspiration or development of our research and writing? Why is it important that students know that we write? How do we show them how we write and why we like it?

2. Spring 2011: Your Writing Project

Using the workshop as inspiration, toolbox, and guide, pick an area of focus—faculty writing, student writing, or integration between your classroom and your own work—and develop a writing project for yourself. Each month we’ll have a single two-hour meeting to check in with each other and review the status of our projects.

  • January: Project plans
  • February: Progress reports and commiseration
  • March: Progress reports and a glimmer of hope
  • April: Presentations of your work so far and goals for what to do next

And we saved the best for last:

Participating in the workshop includes a $350 stipend. Don’t wait! There are only 20 seats available in this year’s workshop! New faculty are especially encouraged to apply.

Deadline for submitting applications (scroll down to find one) is Monday, November 1st.

All Minnesota State University, Mankato faculty are eligible, with priority given to applicants who did not participate in 2008 or 2009.

Return completed applications to Bill Dyer via campus mail to AH 230 or via e-mail to

VWP Staff for 2010

Marie Pomije, Chemistry
Jennifer Veltsos, Technical Writing
Anne O’Meara, English Literature
Bill Wagner, Sociology and Corrections
Bill Dyer, English and Humanities



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Department ______________________________ Box # ___________________________

Office Phone ______________________________

E-mail Address ______________________________

How many years have you taught at MSU? ______________________________


  1. What writing projects would you like to work on if you had the time?

  2. What would you like to see included in the workshop related to the kinds of professional writing that you customarily do?

  3. In what ways do you currently use technological resources in teaching writing or your own researching and writing? Do you teach on-line, or have a desire/need to?

  4. What kinds of writing assignments do you currently use in your classes?

  5. Are there particular areas related to student writing that you would like addressed in this workshop?

  6. Are there particular issues related to on-line teaching that you would like addressed in this workshop?


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