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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Additional Licensure in ESL

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Note (April 2017): This page is being revised. Please contact to confirm the appropriate requirements for your plan of study.

Teachers who hold licensure in another teaching area may add an ESL endorsement by completing the ESL licensure program at the graduate level. The required licensure courses at the graduate level include the following:


  • ENG 582 (4 credits) Teaching English Pronunciation and Discourse
  • ENG 585 (4 credits) Language and Culture in TESL
  • ENG 586 (4 credits) Theories of Teaching ESL
  • ENG 689 (3 credits) Studies in Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics
  • ENG 629 (3 credits) Second Language Literacy Development


  • ENG 584 (4 credits) Pedagogical Grammar and Academic English
  • ENG 587 (4 credits) Methods of Teaching ESL
  • ENG 589 (4 credits) Policies and Programs in ESL

Teachers may be required to complete an additional in-school internship with English language learners.

In addition to the ESL licensure program, previously licensed teachers may be required to take additional coursework to complete the K-12 scope of practice. Elementary education teachers must take a secondary level curriculum course.

Secondary level teachers licensed 5-12 or 7-12 will need to take a course in the teaching of reading in elementary education.  ENG629: L2 Literacy will work for this. They should consult to determine the appropriate course that they will need to take.

Most graduate coursework in TESL may be applied towards the M.A. in English: TESL or a graduate certificate in English: TESL. Please consult with the TESL faculty when you plan your schedule if you plan to complete both licensure and the M.A. program.

Online Student Course Sequence

Semester Fall Spring Fall Spring
Start in an even year (2014, 2016) ENG 586*
ENG 582*
ENG 584*   ENG 585*
ENG 689*
ENG 587*
ENG 589*
Start in an odd year (2015, 2017) ENG 586*
ENG 689*
ENG 584*
ENG 589*
ENG 582*
ENG 585*
ENG 587*  

* Online courses

Some courses may also or alternately be offered during the summer.

Financial Aid

Federal Teach Grant

MA TESL students seeking licensure in K-12 schools may have the opportunity to apply for the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program, a program that provides financial support up to $4,000.00 per year to eligible applicants. Please carefully read all information related to the TEACH Grant Program at, and if you meet the set of requirements and are interested in learning more about the program, contact Dr. Paolo Infante at: