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Undergraduate Certificate

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The undergraduate certificate in technical communication prepares students to be professional information developers, technical communicators, and editors who are skilled at using the written and spoken word, along with visuals, to effectively inform and instruct a wide range of audiences. All coursework may be completed in residence or online. Students who are 100% online learners pay resident (in-state) online tuition.

Candidates for the undergraduate certificate in technical communication complete a concentration within the English Department. The curriculum focuses on practical, skills-oriented coursework (such as manuals writing, web design, and technical editing). All courses must be in the English department with the exception of courses approved by the technical communication faculty.

Admission Requirements

Entrance requirements for the undergraduate certificate in technical communication include

  • Technical Communication (Eng 271), Business Communication (Eng 272), or equivalent technical communication experience
  • TOEFL base score of 550 or above for candidates whose native language is not English

Certificate Requirements

24 credits

Completion of the undergraduate certificate requires the following coursework:

Required Courses: 12 credits

Course # Course Title
ENG 471 Visual Technical Communication
ENG 475 Editing Technical Publications

ENG 476*


ENG 477*

´╗┐Online Documentation


Technical Documentation, Policies and Procedures


All required courses in the certificate program will be offered online within a two-year rotation.

Elective Courses: 12 credits

Course # Course Title
ENG 462 Document Design
ENG 466 Usability
ENG 467 International Technical Communication
ENG 469 Project Management in Technical Communication
ENG 472 Topics in Technical Communication*
ENG 473 Desktop Publishing
ENG 474 Researching & Writing Technical Reports
ENG 476* Online Documentation
ENG 477* Technical Documentation, Policies, and Procedures
ENG 480 Proposals


*English Department policy does not permit double-counting of courses for any English major or minor. 


Questions about the Technical Communication Program?

Dr. Lee Tesdell
English Department
Minnesota State University, Mankato
229D Armstrong Hall
Mankato, MN 56001
Telephone: (507) 389-5219

Transfer Credits and Credit by Exam

Students may transfer a limited number of credits into their graduate program in accordance with [PDF] the transfer policy (249 KiB) in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Contact the program director for procedural details.

Students who possess professional expertise may be eligible to 'test out' of a limited number of classes at a substantial savings in accordance with [PDF] the policy on course specific examinations (249 KiB) in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Contact the program director or the course instructor for procedural details.

Gainful Employment Program Information

Minnesota State Mankato provides gainful employment program information about the undergraduate certificate in technical communication.