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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Faculty & Staff

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Dawn Armfield

Office: AH 201H
Phone: 389-5511

Teaching and Research Specialties: User experience (UX), visual rhetoric, emerging technologies, digital rhetorics, online collaborations

Abigail Bakke

Office: AH 201M
Phone: 389-1035

Teaching and Research Specialties: Rhetoric and technical communication theory, health and medical communication, and social media

Roland Nord

Office: AH 229E
Phone: 389-5402

Teaching and Research Specialties: Computer-assisted writing and publishing, technical editing, usability, and UX

Sara Beth Parks

Office: AH 212C
Phone: 389-1047

Teaching and Research Specialties: Team reporting, rhetoric of science, business and technical communication

Lee Tesdell

Office: AH 229D
Phone: 389-5219

Teaching and Research Specialties: International technical communication, online help systems, collaboration and teamwork, writing for the WWW

Jennifer Veltsos

Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Office: ML 88B
Phone: 389-3233

Research Specialties: Business communication, marketing communication, visual rhetoric, research methods, instructional design

Gwen Westerman

Office: 229F
Phone: 389-5508

Teaching and Research Specialties: Visual rhetoric, document design, business and technical communication