Life's Soundtrack

By: Michael Goracke

Music is everywhere. It is used to be mainly confined to our houses and cars but ever since the invention of portable music players, people have been able to have their own personal soundtrack. Whether someone wants to go running, biking, mountain climbing, or even swimming, they can have their portable music player to listen to.

It was not until recently that portable music players really took off. The invention of the MP3 player has given the convenience to take music on the go.  People can simply go to their computer where they have their custom playlist, and download it onto their MP3 player. The music does not skip and it has no commercials, what could be better?           

The Apple iPod is the leading selling MP3 player. There are not many others that can claim to hold the amount of music and who can claim the durability of the Apple iPods, especially the nano. The iPod nano was able to withstand being run over by a car, twice, and many other stress tests as seen at nano.ars/3.             

Now the newest thing for MP3 players is in the phone industry. Many phones now have media-cards that can play music directly off of the phone. There is also a new iTunes phone which has the iTunes player directly on the phone. Music is being incorporated into everything we use in our everyday lives.

Rhapsody, Napster, and iTunes are helping to lead the music revolution by providing users with being able to listen to and download music legally for a fee. These providers give uses the ability to search for tens of thousands of artists, tracks, and albums to listen to. Once music is downloaded onto the users’ computer, they can then transfer them over to their portable music player.           

After someone has their portable MP3 player, their songs downloaded and transferred to their player, and then they can get speaker and car docking stations. This way you listen to your music player while you are walking, driving, and when you get back home. You are never without your favorite playlist because you can use your MP3 player in any circumstances.

XM/Satellite Radio is another way to fill your life full of music. This is a subscription service that has a hundred plus stations that you can listen to that are commercial free. This technology also allows you to listen to it on the go with a portable player, at home with a speaker docking station, or in the car.

All of this new music technology is very easy to use and is compatible with almost everything. With so many options of how to listen to your favorite music anywhere and everywhere and with the price of all these services becoming so cheap, it is no wonder that we all are starting to have our own life’s soundtrack to our everyday lives.