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How to Find More Time

By Ellen Lawrence


Parents are constantly fighting the aspect of time – especially new parents adjusting to their new life and schedule.  Kerri Smith, a long-time nanny, stated “new parents are constantly on the go, but if they use a bit of invention and take the time to make a chart or schedule, the parents reap the benefits by having more time together as a family.”  There are many ways parents can find more time in the day if they creatively make a schedule to organize themselves.  The number one mistake new parents make is forgetting to include everyone in their daily life on the schedule: themselves, the baby, pets, and nannies alike. 



According to www.child.com, many parents are struggling to balance time between their family and work and often times feel disconnected with the household if a nanny is running it for eight hours of the day, five days a week.  Establishing an organizational chart will ultimately lead to more time in the day for the parents and newborn to be together, and help them feel connected to their new baby.


The parents need to make sure the feeding, napping, and diaper schedule and cross-off chart (a chart that lists tasks in the x-axis and either times or names in the y-axis) is somewhere handy for the nanny to use during the day. Many times, parents forget to ask when the baby was last changed and fed, but if the nanny wrote down that information, the parents would save themselves a phone call or even anxiety about when to feed the baby next. 


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Oftentimes pets are neglected when a new person comes along in a household.  By including the pets feeding and walking schedule with the master schedule, parents are sure to remember the four-legged members of the family too! 


A perfect option would be to create a chart of everyone’s names at the top and certain duties/chores, necessities along the side and make a copy for each day.  Once a task is completed, one would simply place an ‘X’ that corresponds to the correct task.


For nannies, a chart on which one could write in the time, the type of diaper, naps, and feedings would work wonders in connecting parents with the newborn even though they are not there.  Parents must remember to place the chart in a convenient place in order to make sure it is used. 




If parents use all of these techniques, they are more likely to have more time in their days and feel more connected with their new family member. 

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