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Designing the Future of Technical Communication                                        Spring 2006



Editors’ Note


The editors are pleased to introduce the Spring 2006 issue of Techniques, written and produced by the students in English 477/577: Technical Documentation, Policies and Procedures.


Our coursework in technical communication usually focuses on workplace applications, from designing software documentation to writing grant proposals.  Inspired by a discussion we had during class, we decided to shift gears and focus on technical communication in everyday life for this issue of Techniques. 


Most of the articles focus on how technical communication can make our busy lives at home and at school more efficient. Issues explored include the use of personal schedules quilting documentation, technical documentation for new parents, technical writing for course syllabi, everyday use of maps, recipes, and more.

Inside This Issue

Editors’ Note

Wesley Ahles

Confusing Procedure Documents

Emma Baumann

Let Me Check My Schedule…

William Brozak

Sorting It Out

Lindsay Case

Notes Need Boundries

Melissa Donndelinger

LEGOs Sure Know Their Stuff

Anna Hulseberg

Piecing It All Together: Technical Documentation For Quilting

Ellen Lawrence

How To Find More Time

Michelle May

A Standard Syllabus = Satisfied Students

William Pass

No Sense Of Direction

Sabina Anne Peterson

Recipes: The Quintessence of Everyday Technical Writing

Alejandro Rocha

Finding Your Way

Lucas Russell

Technical Tackling

Nisha Somnath

User-Focused Websites:  Channeling Intelligent Technical Communication


We hope that the range of topics and perspectives will make for thought-provoking and enjoyable reading.


Wesley Ahles, Anna Hulseberg, and Nisha Somnath