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News Archives 2004

English Workshop
October 28, 2004

Come check out the technical communication booth at the English department workshop!

Gather valuable information on:

  • Creating a portfolio
  • Locating local job resources

MSU STC September Social Event
September 24, 2004

Attendees at the September Social Event busted a move with the best of 'em on Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Though we all had the best of intentions of watching Office Space, it wasn't to be, as the DDR beats kept attention focused on the dancing feet. We certainly wouldn't do the event justice without mentioning the fresh popcorn (2 flavors even!), and the sly making of navigational devices (aka: "We're in here!" signs) using confiscated materials.

Selling Yourself in Today's Job Market
April 7, 2004

Pat O'Donnell of Retrofit Counseling provided invaluable information on finding the hidden job market, assessing your value, assessing the competition, selling your success to employers, learning how to network, and reaching your career goals. Considering the current job market, it was not a presentation to be missed! Learn more about Pat and Retrofit Counseling at www.retrofitcounseling.com

MSU STC Food and Fun Social Event
March 22, 2004

Lies, mischief, accusations - it all flew on Monday night when STC members and non-members alike got involved in a rousing game of Mafia at the chapter's March social event. Paris Hilton, Tony Blair, and Madonna, along with the cities of San Francisco, Paris, and New York made cameo appearances in "Who or What am I?" to kick off the evening. Pizza, pop, and chicken roasters abounded. Who could have asked for more? Don't miss our next event on April 7 when Pat O'Donnell will give us dirt on how to be a success in the current job market - chicken roasters guaranteed!


Trip to Iowa State University
February 27, 2004

Bouncing on bubbling lava in the pit of a fiery cave, soaring over the majestic Taj Mahal -- and all amidst the splendor of Iowa cornfields. MSU STC journeyed to Iowa State University (ISU) in February to experience the institution's virtual reality cave -- one of the few in the world.

After the virtual reality cave and lunch with ISU's student chapter of STC, we visited with the technical writers of a nearby software company, UGS. With their advice and stories of their experiences in tote as we headed into our futures, we also headed back to ISU for a workshop on electronic portfolios.

Following fantastic information on improving our competitive edge in applying for higher education or the job market by using electronic portfolios, the evening ended with supper at a nearby favorite restaurant with the ISU members of STC. What a perfect way to end the day - a great meal with enjoyable company, topped off with delicious ice cream from a local dairy.


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