Help For Yahoo Email

By Alecia Dussl

Since Yahoo! free email accounts just switched to 250MB, Yahoo! has become a popular web site for free email accounts competing with Hotmail and AOL.  Starting up a new account and getting started is relatively easy and straight forward.  For persons who have never used email or have never had their own email account, however, there can be a lot of questions and concerns.  Yahoo! email has a help site that contains many questions that a new user may have.  That site is located at: and can be found when a new user types in anything from “Yahoo email help” to “How to use Yahoo email” in the search engine located on the Yahoo! home page. 

This help site is called “Sign In and Registration Help”.  Along the left side is a table that contains many links relating to frequently asked questions, related subjects, and ID/password help.  Down the middle are seven major categories pertaining to almost every question or concern a new user may have.  The seven categories are: “Have a question about Sign-in and Registration?”, “Registrations”, “Yahoo! ID and Password”, “Verifying Your Alternative Email Address”, “Privacy and Security”, “Changing Users or Locations”, and “Questions not answered Here?”.    

At the “Have a Question about Sign In and Registration?” box there is a search engine where a user may type in any subject or question and the search engine will find the answer.  It’s easy to use because a whole question may be typed in if a user knows exactly what he or she is looking for or if the user only knows in what area they need help he or she may just type in a subject and the engine will find answers.

“Registration” includes information about commonly asked questions about registration.  Topics such as ‘How do I register?’ and ‘Does Yahoo! Use cookies?’ are links that bring the user to information about that specific topic. 

Under “Yahoo! ID and Password” several questions are asked when clicked on by a user, a description and answers are provided.  ‘How do I change my password?’ opens up a complete step by step guide on the process of changing a password.  Other questions such as ‘Why is my account locked for security reasons?’ and ‘Where did my personal account go?’ are located here.

“Verifying You Alternative Email Address” answers questions about Yahoo! E-mail’s feature that retrieves mail from an individual’s other email accounts and provides them under the Yahoo! Account so that the user doesn’t have to visit more then the one Yahoo email site in order to receive all their mail. 

Anything regarding privacy and protection can be found in the “Privacy and Security” box.  Questions such as ‘How can I protect my information online?’ and ‘How do I keep my account secure?’ are answered. 

For many first time users, common questions such as ‘Can two people have an account on one computer?’ and ‘How can I view my account from a different computer?’ are asked.  In “Changing Users and Locations” a user may find lots of information about simple questions such as these.

Many of these questions are just the most frequently asked about those specific topics.  If a question or concern arises that isn’t located in one of the other six boxes, a link is provided under “Question not answered here?” This link brings the user to another search engine where there are topics available for a Yahoo! Email account user.

Because a new user or even an active user of Yahoo! Email might have questions or concerns about their accounts, it is essential to have a web page devoted to helping its users.  Yahoo!’s help page for their email is perfect because it not only has several areas of frequently asked questions but it also has a search engine where a user may simply type in a question or subject in order to receive help and advice. 



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