Creating a Blog


By Brooke Galbreath



What is a blog?

The word blog is short for web log. There are approximately three million blogs that can be tracked, as of mid-2004, according to a Technorati report (Coggins Pg. 1).  It can be defined as a personal website that allows users to create anything they want. Blogs are updated with information in an on-going basis. Information can be put on a blog by more than one person. Blogs give the general public a chance to publish their own personal information, feelings or opinions on the internet. A website you can go to to check out newly updated web logs is


Types of Blogs

There are many types of blogs out there. Families can use them to communicate by putting pictures and newsletters on them to update other family members and friends. You can create a personalized blog and put up information about yourself and you hobbies and/or interests. However, blogs can be categorized into four main types: personal blogs, business blogs, organizational blogs and professional blogs.


Personal blogs tend to fall into a diary or journal-type category. You create them to represent topics you feel strongly about like sports, photography, music, exercise, art, news or politics.


Business blogs can be used to communicate throughout the workplace. It can be a place for people around the workplace to drop comments or concerns or even ideas of what’s going on around the office. Another use for these is a marketing tool that can promote their products. Businesses can leave comments about their products to the general public.


Organizational blogs can be used for communication within an organization. Some good places to use blogs like this would be corporations, educational settings, clubs and non-profit organizations. This type of blog would be useful for teachers to communicate with other faculty or students, or for clubs or non-profit organizations to put up information to the general public.


Professional blogs are a rarity. Basically, businesses would hire professionals to create a blog for their company. They either create topics for you or create a professional blog by using the proposed topic given by your company.


How Can Blogs Benefit Technical Writers?

Blogs can be beneficial in a business setting and used by technical writers in many different ways. “Many companies use them for communication and collaboration among distributed colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers, and others. That’s the most popular use, (Ader, 8-9-04). It would be a very useful form of communication among technical writers while working on a project to keep each other updated on the progress and to be able to make daily comments if face to face meetings are time consuming. A person could either create their own blog to post information about projects or there could be one blog that is created as a team effort. Another way to use a blog would be as a requirement of a company to have new and current employees post information up about themselves for others to get to know each other. Technical writers would be an asset in creating blogs, because they can decide how much information is too much or not enough.


How Can You Create Your Own Blog?

There are many websites that you can go to and sign up to create your own blog. Some websites to go to are: or or






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