This issue of Techniques was produced by the Fall 2004 section of English 4/577

 Technical Documentation, Policies & Procedures

  Minnesota State University, Mankato


Editorial Staff


Ken Adams

Gretchen Herrick

Kevin Sanderfoot

Ann Sweeney


Table of Contents


David vs. Goliath: The Browser Battle

Ken Adams

Search Engines Through the Years

Kelly Bolsinger


Peter Doyscher


Brandon Emanuel


Brooke Galbreath

Tech. Comm. Organizations: History Through Present Day        

Becky Guadagnoli

Documentation: Moving from Paper to Pixels

Susan Hendley


Gretchen Herrick

Word Change Over Time

Joan Hertel

The Rise of XML

Greg Laffrenzen

Technical Communication: Past and Present

Tricia Little

A Look at the Past to Face the Future

Linda Mellen

Hard and Soft Copy Editing

Grace Mlady

Where  Have All the Manuals Gone?

Kevin Sanderfoot


Ann Sweeney

The CSS Revolution

Willie Voerding


Bryan Weinandt