The Morning Meeting:  A Day in the Life of a Hickory Tech Intern

Marge Freking

Grab your coffee, your pens, and something to chew,

Organizers and calendars—we’ve got work to do.

Go to the meeting, just give me a sec

To get the latest releases from HickoryTech.


Just what I thought, our backs to the wall,

We’ll have to rush; that’s not news at all.

Dyle, release ACH and TGC,

And follow them up with PR and AP.


Michelle, arrange IWE then work with Acrobat.

Clean IQ directories; find NextGen STAT.

Do Write2k in DOS, AIX, and UNIX,

Then ready a TechLine for a customer fix.


Marge, create the W2k process flow,

Revise and mail the current SO.

Proof the SB and PLTB,

Then burn the manuals on a CD.


Amy, do the new program in C++

This time the credit belongs to us.

Enter the tar file and verify—

I’m not sure how—just give it a try.


Michelle, do the Doco (on the double)

Keep abreast of what’s new and out of trouble.

Lead the 9959 Release,

And hope this time the system won’t freeze.


Contact marketing for the E2k review,

Follow up, Vince, with an ATU.

Verification procedures must be done

Then Nicole can start working on 0101.


Amy, update existing SDS,

Design and teach AIX to AIX.

Submit a UNIX to UNIX patch,

Generate the OR1458 batch.


Heidi, fill out your forms, AP and AC,

And get the information to ISP.

You’re going again to Thunder Bay,

I don’t know how long you’ll be away.


Who’s working on OE and who’s got OR?

Nicole, do an FTP on the IVR.

IXCs have a problem with records and billing.

(My, that pastry was mighty filling.)


Marge, change the NIBI references today,

Then check new releases of the PA.

Convert those records to a pdf file,

Just be sure to follow the company style.


Then start your work on the SCO,

Put it in mars/vol1/private/doco.

Work to locate an SQL,

And find the GL for WAP and WML.


You can update the plez2 file at once,

(I don’t know how, I feel like a dunce.)

We’re dba HickoryTech,

Busy as bees with LEC and CLEC.


Review orientation in Fire, not Rain,

(My head’s spinning—am I going insane?)

I’ll schedule the interns for Outlook training.

(Careful now, attention’s waning.)


NB that NASDAQ is on the rise,

That one comes as no surprise.

IMPS, do CIS in the DOC,

And pray to heaven your CPs won’t lock.


Dyle, check OPTINPRO online when you can,

Then get up to speed with that new LAN.

Michelle, sign us up for RICS,

Can’t leave it to chance, by gosh, or by guess.


Marge, revise MCTC dba HTC and HTCO,

To HickoryTech with the company logo.

Vince, PMS 208 and 245

Will have to wait for RFP and RFI.


Dyle, do the TW plug-in as soon as you can,

Marge, add to the TOC the TIN.

Our Suite Solutions is now on the move.

And Sea Pro is the Irish system to prove.


Amy, unmask EasyTel and EBI,

Get going on CDR and cd/csi.

Start planning the layout for CABS,

Then finish your work on MPS.


IS has started with the VPN

If you run into trouble, just call Ken.

Put API into HTML,

Then add ID and PT as well.


That’s all for today, I’ve a meeting upstairs,

I really must rush, straighten your chairs.

Oh—I forgot—check the GUI on Firstcom

See you tomorrow, now I really must run. CC