Letter To the Editor

I would like to applaud the Techniques staff for the effective redesign of your newsletter. It takes initiative, creativity, and willingness to be open to risk in order to revamp an existing publication, especially when the previous design worked well. I think readers will be thrilled with the new look of Techniques

The use of color and white space draws the reader’s attention to navigational aides, separates textual elements, identifies article titles, accentuates key points, and emphasizes boundaries. The addition of larger side margins improves clarity and provides a convenient place to include pictures, quotes, call outs, and other graphical elements, all which serve to make the publication more lively and interesting for the reader. 

As a reader of Techniques, I appreciate the staff’s constant efforts to improve their work. Tamara Jackson .. 

Thank you for your kind comments, Tamara. We enjoy hearing from our readers. Self-monitoring seldom anticipates the readers’ needs, so your feedback helps us to keep improving. Thanks for taking the time to write. We also appreciate constructive criticism, so send us your ideas! ...The Editors  


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