Lexpionage, (LEKS.pee.uh.nazh) n.

The Sleuthing of New Words and of Old Words Used in New Ways

Steve Gage

From meatloaf to cornea gumbo to barfmail, lexpionage is popping up all over the Internet too fast for anyone to keep pace. I realize that much of this dancing baloney sounds more like dog food than vocabulary, but this is the world we live in, and the popularity of technological jargon increases daily. After digesting much of this, many people will require a diaper change. While this makes minimal sense to most, the intent is purely comical, but inserting the meaning of this technical jargon would give this musing absolutely no merit. 

Technical Jargon Dictionary 

barfmail n An email message spewed out in all directions. 

cornea gumbo n A Web page, ad, or other graphic piece that is an over-designed, jumbled, soup of colors, fonts, and images. 

dancing baloney n Web page-based animated images, Java applets, and other bells and whistles that detract from the overall quality of the page. 

diaper change n A visit by a computer technical support employee to a troublesome user. 

dog food v To use a product, particularly a software program, that you created for your company. 

meatloaf n Forwarded messages, jokes, lists, and other unsolicited noncommercial email messages sent by an individual to a large number of people. 

spam n Unsolicited commercial email message. See also; spamoflage, spamdexing. UCEless adj A proposed watchword for the growing anti-spam movement. 

word of mouse n Communication via computer-based means, such as email, chat rooms, or newsgroups. 

mouse potato n A person who spends a lot of time at the computer. 

If you would like to enrich your e-vocabulary further, or just try to understand some of the tech terms you have heard, but can’t quite decipher, visit www.logophilia.com/WordSpy.



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