Nicole Cook 

Nicole Cook carries a technical communication minor and a major in English literature. Combining two different disciplines in English requires adaptability, since both require a profound understanding of English, a strong sense of the intended audience, and a keen understanding of the manuscript's purpose. Nicole maintains that working in both areas strengthened not only her comprehension in reading but also her oral and written skills. Nicole, a copy editor for Techniques, expects to graduate this May.

Nicole plans to begin graduate school and pursue a degree in English education because of the challenges and opportunities she envisions. Working with a diverse population that includes youth and their parents appeals to Nicole. Her undergraduate disciplines should facilitate a productive and interesting classroom environment.

Nicole’s family includes her husband, Chris, and two children, Isabella and Mitchell. Nicole credits her family with her interest in technical communication.


Jim Spurrier

Jim Spurrier, who works with graphics for
Techniques, plans to graduate in May. Jim chose technical communication as his major study, since writing adds versatility to the jobs available in biology, his minor field of study.

Jim spent his internship working with the Fish and Wildlife Service, writing fact sheets for them on twenty-nine endangered species found in the Midwest.

Jim serves as secretary for the MSU Wildlife Club. Last year his club traveled to Florida to observe the animals and wildlife at some of their theme parks.

In his free time Jim enjoys reading the works of Peter Hathaway Kapstick, spending time with family and friends, writing in his journal, and researching rare species of wildlife.


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