Letter From The Editors

A new semester brings new faces to the Techniques staff. We have a great group of enthusiastic, talented individuals. The diversity of backgrounds we bring to our discussions and planning sessions helps us focus on new aspects of communication.

Dave joins our online editors this semester. Please visit the online edition of Techniques. Dave, Nathan, and Steve worked hard to prepare the online version, and we believe they did an incredible job!

On April 3 & 4, 2001, Dave, Nathan, and Steve plan to submit an abstract at the Undergraduate Research Conference (URC). The Presentation of Scholarship occurs on the MSU campus, and we invite you to join us in supporting our editors. For additional information, visit the URC web site at www.mnsu.edu/dept/~radstud/gradweb/urc.htm.

Jackie, Nicole, and Susan join Marge as copy editors this semester. We welcome their talent and their contributions to our newsletter. Bobby works with Melissa as a layout editor, and we appreciate the skills she brings to her position. Jim plans to help with graphics as he familiarizes himself with the programs available to the newsletter staff.

We welcome your comments, so feel free to contact any or all the editors to offer your suggestions, constructive criticisms, or observations. We even respond to praise! We value our readersí opinions. Again, we thank you for your patronage.ö


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