"Designing the Future of Technical Communication"

by Susan M. Jensen, Region 6 Director-Sponsor

This year the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Board of Directors plans to conduct a series of workshops at its regular meetings to evaluate governance, an activity resulting from STCís new mission statement, "Designing the Future of Technical Communication." Aspects under consideration include:

The balance of workloads between office-staff and their  volunteers

› The patterns of communication

The process of decision-making

The structure of representation

A clear picture of leadership dominates the workshops. The focus centers on trends, vision, strategy, and practices; embraces outside influences; and concentrates on setting policy rather than operational details. In a concluding workshop in May, participants expect to set short-term and long-term goals for meeting those objectives.

The 48th Annual STC Conference in Chicago, Illinois, this May includes 440 speakers for 256 sessions. Forty-one vendors plan to participate and already contracted for booths at the conference.

STC placed its membership directory online. Members can now access others in the organization. The search results display the memberís name, address, phone, fax, email, chapter, grade, and date joined.

Hand-in-hand with the STC mission statement, work to redesign the STC web site has begun. Watch for the first official use of the new logo in the upcoming Preliminary Annual Conference Program. Additionally, the STC web site incorporated recommendations from usability studies performed by graduate students at Mercer University.

Richard Adix agreed to serve as Region 6 webmaster. Please welcome him to his new position and plan to visit the site at www.stc.org/region6/.ö



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