Together Everyone Achieves More

by Suzanne Laurent, Director-Sponsor Region 5

The TEAM concept is very powerful.  When group members work together to benefit the whole team, everyone wins. Positive aspects of teamwork include, but are not limited to, the following concepts.

Orientation: To function effectively, team members need flexibility, trust for one another, and wholehearted support for each member to achieve team goals.

Collaboration: Team members must work together and assist one another to help the team succeed. 

Communication: When people learn to support and trust one another, they share what they know. When information flows freely, communication benefits the whole team. Collaboration and support in a group relies on communication among the members. Clear messages lead to people working productively and effectively.

Application: Efficient application of resources, talents, and strengths occur because people apply them willingly and share them with other team members. When one member of a team lacks knowledge or competence, another can often fill the gap. Comraderie builds confidence and compatability as members apply their skills to help solve problems. 

Solutions: Decisions and solutions sometimes happen simultaneously. When consensus occurs, those solutions often exceed what even the brightest person could imagine alone. Several minds accomplish more and better solutions. 

Commitment: Members must learn to make decisions and affect responsible solutions. Taking ownership of decisions and solutions helps members to commit to the group more solidly and helps the team reach its goals. 

Achievement: Achieving quality and accuracy makes the team look good. When team members work collaboratively, members get their needs met from the team, leading to the best possible team conditions. 

Credibility: As people on teams learn to respect one another at face value, they build trust and reliance, which leads to credibility. When people trust one another, their teams function better in agreement, helping members resolving differences as they arise.



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