Resume Tips

Adrianna Greenwald

Do you think your resume can help land your dream job? Mary Heminover, who taught employment search skills at South Central Technical College for 15 years, gives the following advice:

Go neutral. Avoid bright colors when choosing resume paper. Textured, earth-tone paper looks best, but choose paper that reflects you.

Use moderation. Never overload any area of your resume. Prospective employers do not need to see all your member-ships or volunteer work.

Emphasize strengths. The primary components of your resume include education and exper-ience. Place your strengths first.

Be organized. Organization serves as the key to successful employment searches. Your resume should present you as an organized person.

Be consistent. Use consistent formatting such as bullets, columns, and margins.

Edit carefully. Do not give perspective employers any reason to eliminate you.

Request help. Ask a qualified individual to critique your resume before you submit it to a prospective employer.

Your resume represents an important part of the employment search process, but you must not neglect the other components of the process. Your resume may get you the interview, but the interview gets you the job.