Technology Need Not Eliminate Common Courtesy

Alf Nucifora

It seems that everywhere we turn we are confronted by rudeness, bad manners, and in-your-face aggressiveness. It is time to review the rules of civilized business behavior, and practice them.

Using speakerphones Don’t use a speakerphone if you’re the only person in the room.

Conference calls and computers If the discussion is boring and uninteresting, don’t join the call.

No bellowing please You don’t have to shout to be heard! We know you’re important.

On time starts Unless you own the company or rule the world, be on time like everyone else.

Presentation do’s and don’ts Learn how to pronounce the speaker’s name. And as for you speakers, now that you’ve become addicted to PowerPoint presentations, learn how to design and use them for maximum impact and effect.

Shorter phone menus It’s getting out of control–the constant number dialing and lengthened response menus. It’s time to shorten those menus before the customer revolts.

More quiet zones It’s going to be one of the next consumer battlegrounds, and the smart marketer will realize that not every environment has to be filled with nauseous Musak or strident ambient noise.

Cell phones and meetings Leaving one’s cell phone on in a meeting is akin to picking one’s nose in public or other equally offensive behavior.

Alf Nucifora is an Atlanta-based marketing consultant. He can be contacted via email at, his web site, or by fax at 770-952-7834. (Reprinted with permission.)


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