Lessons Learned the Hard Way II

Heidi Roberts

The hardest thing I learned since graduating from college concerned what I wanted to do with my life. I graduated in secondary education/social studies when few social studies teaching positions were available. I felt limited with what I could do with my education, but I found my skills transferred to other positions that led me to my job as a software instructor and technical communicator. Along the way I learned:

Mistakes happen. Learn from them.

Look out for your own best interests.

Praise yourself as you progress. You do not always hear it from others, and you need it.

Choose to be part of the solution. This makes you very valuable.

Invest in a planning system (i.e. Palm Pilot) to keep yourself focused.

Keep a skills inventory to help in your career planning.

Learn to market your talents. Marketing and bragging differ greatly. Support what you market.

Network! Success depends on what you know, but more importantly, it means whom you know.

Keep sight of your passions. Refocus on your long-term goals regularly. As you grow, they may change.

Live by the Golden Rule; it really does make a difference.

Relax. True success takes time.

As you leave college, a new kind of learning called real life begins for you. Make the best of every situation. Choose to learn from experience while retaining a healthy attitude. I wish you every success.

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