Lessons Learned the Hard Way I

Nicole Sowers

I enjoyed college. I like learning, and I love writing. Landing my first job proved very exciting. However, technical writer/communicator was not included in my job title.

Four years later, my title reflects my work. In the process, my work ethic evolved, and my abilities expanded. I changed into a more independent thinker and a more flexible writer. My character also grew, enabling me to survive in the corporate environment. While maintaining my sense of humor, I learned many things the hard way.

I need to do things the way my employer wants them done. I learned to work with the company’s established documentation system.

I learned to prove my worth. I let my skills speak for themselves.

Imagination is as important a skill as editing and writing. Great documentation does not depend on using new technology to write and edit soundly. It depends on the ability to use established systems proficiently in writing and editing documentation.

I learned to stay current on industry trends. As a result, I now work part time as a software instructor.

I learned to keep the job in perspective because life exists beyond the walls of the workplace and includes my family and friends.

Writing encompasses many challenges. However, each challenge represents a building block for your career and a valuable addition to your skills.


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