STC Sees Logo as Vital Identity Tool

by Susan Jensen, Region 6 Director-Sponsor

The STC board approved a new logo and stationery program for the Society. By the end of the year, chapter presidents will receive information describing how to use the new logo and its various design elements in their chapter stationery, printed publications, and electronic materials.

Branding and Corporate

Identity: The logo represents only one part of STC’s corporate brand. Last May, President Mary Wise announced one brand tool—the new STC mission statement, Designing the Future of Technical Communications. At the fall meeting, the board approved another tool—the organization’s story (a brief explanation of what the organization stands for, who its members are, and how it views its future). While it is not meant to replace the more extensive literature we provide to prospective members and others, the story serves as an "elevator message" to briefly describe who and what we are.

Web Site Hosting for Chapters: For several years the board has been dealing with a number of difficult issues related to decentralized versus centralized hosting of chapter web sites. This issue is urgent as well as extremely important, due to difficulties encountered as STC’s bandwidth needs exceeded our current service provider’s capabilities. Over the next few months, committees in the communications area, managed by Lory Hawkes, AP for Communications, will be developing and implementing a transition plan that will enable chapters to select their own Internet service provider and maintain their own web sites in a decentralized system. Contact your chapter president or webmaster for more information about these changes.

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