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Researching Companies
by Susan Beelman

Looking for your first job is not easy. You can help yourself by researching companies one or two years before graduating. Graduates often ask, "Where do I begin my search?" and "What kind of information do I look for when researching a business?"

Focus on researching:

The best places to look for answers are the following:

College career development centers carry pamphlets with general company information such as:

The Internet can also be used to find and apply for jobs. Company Websites often contain job openings, benefits, ocation, job requirements, and a brief company history. University and public libraries can provide a wealth of information. Magazines and newspapers can be searched for up-to-date company information such as:

Information on financial worth and company policies can be difficult to find especially when the company is not publicly known. The following resources contain this information:

The suggestions listed here should put you on the right track.

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