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by Cory Pedersen and Brandi Mason

Welcome to another year of Techniques. This year we are proud to welcome several new faces to the Techniques staff. Michelle Maack Friederichs will be taking over for Dr. Kathy Hurley as the Techniques Faculty Advisor. Dr. Hurley is on sabbatical this year.

Other additions include Kiley Amundson and Mary Donnelly. Kiley and Mary will be taking on the roles of Techniques online editors and will be responsible for maintaining the Techniques Website. We will keep you posted on the status of our site and release the web address in an upcoming issue. Susan Beelman will be the layout editor this year. She will be designing every issue of Techniques. Philip Dickey will be joining the staff as copyeditor. Philip is in his third year of the technical communication program at Minnesota State University and will provide a lot of talent and enthusiasm to the staff.

Everyone on this year's staff is looking forward to continuing the tradition of bringing our audience up-to-date on technical communication issues and trends; however, we need your help. This year, we would like to see Techniques become more of a reader-driven newsletter. If you have any suggestions or topics that you would like to see covered in future issues, please feel free to e-mail either one of the editors-in-chief.

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