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The Art of Photography
by Bobby McFall

Point and shoot, digital, medium format, automatic, manualÉit doesnÕt matter what type of camera you use as long as youÕre able to compose pictures that command attention and deliver your message.

Whether viewing a website or printed material, our eyes are drawn to photographs first. For that reason, they must introduce and accurately represent their corresponding text.

In general, good pictures result from careful attention to some basic elements of composition Š and, in some cases, more than a little luck. There is no "right" way to make a picture. Three photographers recording the same scene may create equally appealing photographs with entirely different composition.

When composing a picture, the most important question you must ask is, "What message do I want my photograph to deliver?"

Here are a few guidelines to get you started:

The most important thing to remember is that your photograph must tell a story that accurately corresponds with your message content. Careful composition will capture your readerÕs interest and enhance your message. In upcoming Techniques issues, watch for more photographic tips.

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