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Gary Urban: Webpage Development
by Nicole Ripka

Gary Urban, an alumn of Minnesota State University, Mankato, works in the MSU Business Office. Urban graduated in 1992 with degrees in Accounting and Finance. Since then he has taught himself webpage design. During his presentation at the February 29, 2000, STC meeting held on the MSU campus, he discussed many aspects of webpage development.

Urban offered tips in designing a webpage. First, he suggested writing out the purpose of the page. This step will help determine the layout and content of the page. A good way to do this is by using storyboards. Second, to get ideas about how webpages are set up, he suggested looking at other websites that are similar to the page being designed.

In choosing a software program to implement the page, Urban suggested researching software packages that would work best with the specifications of the webpage. One of his software recommendations was Adobe Go Live. The software is very easy to learn and can perform many tasks.

To find more information about Adobe Go Live and other software, go to

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