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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The English Department fosters the study of language and literature — particularly literature in English and the English language — and all the artistic and practical ramifications of that study.  While the department's teaching and scholarship center on the written word, we recognize the interconnectedness of writing and speech and therefore consider oral language an aspect of the department's mission.  The department further considers as central to its mission the training of professionals (teachers, writers, and editors) capable of functioning effectively within a broad range of linguistic, cultural, and discourse communities.


  1. To offer quality graduate and undergraduate education in creative writing, English education, humanities, linguistics, literature, TESL, and technical communications

  2. To offer general education and service courses that foster effective reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking, that promote an understanding of literature and film, and that promote an appreciation for the variety of cultures within our country and throughout the world

  3. To contribute to students' education in writing and teaching by means of instruction in the effective use of communication technologies

  4. Through advising and mentoring, to help graduate students develop original capstone projects and participate in internships with faculty and other professionals, to help graduate and undergraduate majors and minors reach their academic and professional goals and to help non-majors become engaged in the university's academic programs

  5. To contribute to the discipline of English and to enhance our teaching through research, scholarly activity, creative writing, and ongoing professional development

  6. To enrich teaching, writing, and cultural life in the region and to promote life-long learning by sponsoring readings, publications, conferences, professional service, service learning, and partnerships and collaborations

September, 1997