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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

BA English Studies

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Literature forms the core of the BA in English Studies, but this program also allows students to draw from existing coursework in a number of other English programs such as Creative Writing, Technical Communication, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

Note: This program has been redesigned to make it more flexible starting in Fall 2015 -- it is now a broad major (no minor required, total 48 credits of coursework). The [PDF] 2015-16 BA English Studies Advising Sheet (160 KiB) also lists the new program; please contact us if you have any questions.

Note: This link contains the degree requirements for students using bulletins prior to 2015-16.

Summary of Degree Requirements

48 credits. See the current schedule of courses for course offerings.

Required Language: 8 credits of a single language

Required Minor: None

Major Common Core

This course must be taken before any of the Literature Survey courses below.

Course # Course Title Credits
ENG 275W Introduction to Literary Studies 4


Choose 4-8 credits total in the Foundation category. If you select 4 credits in the Foundation category, you must select 40 credits in the Content Areas Category

Course # Course Title Credits
ENG 242W Introduction to Creative Writing 4
ENG 381 Introduction to English Linguistics 4
ENG 271W or ENG 272W Technical Communication or Business Communication 4

Content Areas

Choose 36-40 credits total in the Content Areas category (Literature Surveys, Content-Area Electives, and General Electives). Courses may not be double-counted from other categories.

Literature Surveys

Choose 8-12 credits in the Literature Surveys category

Course # Course Title Credits
ENG 320 British Literature to 1785 4
ENG 321 British Literature: 1785-Present 4
ENG 327 American Literature to 1865 4
ENG 328 American Literature: 1865-Present 4
ENG 433 Selected Studies in World Literature 4

Content-Area Electives

Choose 8-12 credits in the Content-Area Electives category

Course # Course Title Credits
ENG 340 Form and Technique in Prose 4
ENG 341 Form and Technique in Poetry 4
ENG 342 Beginning Creative Nonfiction Workshop 4
ENG 343 Beginning Fiction Workshop 4
ENG 344 Beginning Poetry Workshop 4
ENG 381 Introduction to English Linguistics 4
ENG 474W Research and Writing Technical Reports 4
ENG 475 Editing Technical Publications 4
ENG 476 Online Documentation 4
ENG 477W Technical Documentation, Policies, and Procedures 4
ENG 482 English Structure and Pedagogical Grammar 4
ENG 484 Pedagogical Grammar and Academic English 4
ENG 485 Languages and Culture in TESOL 4
ENG 486 Theories of Teaching ESL 4

General Electives

Choose 12-24 credits in the General Electives category

Courses may not be double-counted from other categories

Course # Course Title Credits
ENG 300-499 Any 300/400 level ENG courses 4
FILM 300-499 Any 300/400 level FILM courses 4