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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Career Development

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Supplemental Professional Development Funds for Conference Presentations (effective Spring 2014)
[PDF] Application Guidelines for Students and Faculty (65 KiB)

Undergraduate Resources

Career Development Center
Resources for students

Graduate Resources

Applying to Graduate School 
Preparing Letters of Application and writing samples:  [PDF] PDF (361 KiB)  PowerPoint  

Materials for Teaching Jobs
[PDF] Preparing for the Academic Job Market (21 KiB)
[PDF] Preparing a Curriculum Vitae (61 KiB)  
[PDF] Personal Statement (62 KiB)
[PDF] Letter and Resume (72 KiB)
[PDF] Job Searching Strategies (61 KiB)
[PDF] Job Searching Advice (53 KiB)
[PDF] Statement of Teaching Philosophy (53 KiB)
[PDF] Preparing to Write Applications (52 KiB)
[PDF] Resources for Academic/Other Job Searches (46 KiB)
[PDF] Resume (77 KiB)  

Interviewing for teaching positions and preparing for teaching demonstrations
[PDF] Our Advice for Preparing Teaching Presentations (92 KiB)