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Middle School Teaching

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Communication Arts and Literature Education, grades 5-8

The online licensure program in middle school communication arts and literature is intended to serve three primary audiences:

  1. students working on elementary education licensure who are seeking a concentration or specialty area in language arts;
  2. elementary teachers seeking licensure to teach language arts in middle school;
  3. secondary language arts teachers seeking licensure in middle school.

Others may, of course, take the courses if they are interested.

The English Department and the Elementary Education and Early Childhood program are committed to making the program as accessible as possible. All required courses are offered both online and on-campus (almost exclusively at night) each year.

Several of the courses include chat sessions and discussions using Desire to Learn (D2L), the Minnesota State online learning platform.

Licensure Requirements (21-22 credits)

Required courses in English (12 credits)

Course # Course Title Credits
ENG 242 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 285 Practical Grammar
ENG 4/525 Topics in Children's Literature
ENG 4/564 Teaching Literature in the Middle School

Required courses in Education (either undergraduate or graduate level)

Course # Course Title, Undergraduate (10 credits) Credits
EEC 410 Philosophy/Practices Middle School (offered online every summer session)
EEC 428 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Area (offered online every summer session)
EEC 494 Student Teaching, Middle School
Course # Course Title, Graduate (9 credits) Credits
KSP 646 The Middle School
EEC 428/528 Content Area Reading
KSP 648 Field Experiences in the Middle School

Please see the College of Education page Additions to Current License and the Early Childhood and Elementary Education webpages for more information about the licensure:

In addition to the courses above, students may need to take the Minnesota Teachers Licensure Exam for middle school English language arts. Anyone adding the communication arts and literature middle school license to an elementary major needs to take the MTLE, and so does anyone adding the license to an existing secondary license in a content area other than English. Anyone changing a 7-12 English license to a 5-12 Communications Arts and Literature does not need to take the MTLE. For more information about these exams, see

Previous course work may be accepted for the above requirements. For evaluation of coursework which may meet the Education course requirements, contact Scott Page in EEC ( For evaluation of coursework which may meet the English requirements, contact the English Department chair.

English Course Descriptions

English 242 Introduction to Creative Writing (4 credits)

This is an introduction to writing poetry and fiction. The course does not assume previous creative writing experience. One hour chat per week.

English 285 Practical Grammar (2 credits)

This course is designed for those who will work with language professionally—language arts teachers, writers, and editors. It is not intended as a remedial course for students who have difficulty writing correct sentences. By the end of the course, students should be able to identify the part of speech and the grammatical function of every word in most English sentences and to identify the most common kinds of phrases in English sentences.

English 4/525 Topics in Children's Literature (3 credits)

This course may be repeated provided the topic is different. Topics may include different genres—fantasy, historical fiction, realism—or thematic topics—survival or journeys or world literature.

English 4/564 Teaching Literature in the Middle School (3 credits)

Students will become familiar with a variety of books on topics of interest to middle school students, will become familiar with print and internet resources for teaching literature in the middle school, will experiment with a variety of methods of responding to and analyzing literature, and will be introduced to methods of teaching English in the middle school.