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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

English 101

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English 101 is a process writing course; students practice strategies for exploring ideas and develop their revision processes through peer response, instructor feedback, and guided analysis of their own writing. Critical reading, research, and reflection are important components of the course. Class discussion and writing assignments help students read for comprehension, genre understanding, and rhetorical inspiration/critique. Students apply their developing reading skills in a multi-source library research project, which is showcased in their capstone portfolios. In addition to displaying their writing accomplishments, the portfolio includes a reflective essay in which students describe their rhetorical choices and writing development in the course.

Most Minnesota State Mankato students take English 101 during their first two years of college. Occasionally, though, a student feels that he/she should be exempt from the course based on his/her prior writing instruction. The Composition Program’s [PDF] Challenge Exam (158 KiB) has been developed with these students in mind.